Tailoring the Corrosion Behavior of Biodegradable Mg Alloys By Surface Modification

Monday, 29 May 2017: 08:30
Grand Salon D - Section 22 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
S. Virtanen (FAU, Institute of Surface Science and Corrosion)
The possible use Mg alloys in biodegradable biomedical devices has found tremendously increasing research interest in recent years. However, the corrosion rate should be controlled for the specific applications. There is still need for optimization and further development of biocompatible, biofunctional and biodegradable coatings for Mg alloys. The presentation discusses some recent developments on various surface modification and coating approaches on Mg alloys, including coatings based on natural and synthetic biopolymers. Fabrication routes of coatings will be presented and discussed. Corrosion protection effects, degradation behavior of the coatings, and biocompatibility of the treated surfaces will be discussed.