A Miniaturized High-Throughput Flow Injection Analysis System for Electrochemiluminescence Detection

Monday, 29 May 2017: 08:50
Grand Salon A - Section 4 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
P. Fanjul Bolado, M. M. Pereira Silva Neves, M. B. González García, and D. Hernández Santos (DROPSENS)
In this work a miniaturized flow injection analysis (FIA) system coupled with optical detection for carrying out electrochemiluminescence (ECL) based assays is presented.

Screen-printed electrodes integrated in one channel flow-cell (TLFCL, Thin layer flow-cell) were used as the electrodic surface. In these electrodes a transparent slide, that usefully allows the detection of air bubbles inside the cell, is attached over the screen-printed electrodes platform delimiting a flow channel (height 400 μm; volume 100μL). The injection is done through an “in-line luer injection port” where sample volume can be easily controlled by operator through a precise syringe. This configuration brings important advantages since it simplifies operability and effectiveness of working in FIA systems. TLFCL working electrodes were modified with different nanomaterials in order to carry-out innovative ECL based proofs-of-concept. By combining the bipotentiostat/galvanostat and the UV-VIS spectrometer of SPELEC device, the ECL signal was simultaneously (electrochemically) generated and captured (with the aid of a reflection probe connected to the spectrometer).

The ECL behaviour of the developed electro-generated luminescent assays was carefully evaluated assessing aspects as sensitivity, limits of detection and reproducibility and the analytical figures of merit were obtained. Moreover, 3D dynamic ECL plots were registered for the acquisition of real-time luminescent spectrum, relating wavelength emission, potential, and ECL signal in a 3D perspective.


MB González-García work was supported by Torres Quevedo grant (PTQ-13-05994) of the National Program for the Promotion of Talent and Its Employability of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.