Facile Synthesis of Nano-Alloy Particles for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Tuesday, 30 May 2017
Grand Ballroom (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
D. P. Leonard, X. Ji, T. W. Surta, J. Villegas, and W. Mosley (Oregon State University)
We report a facile method for the infiltration of late 3d transition metals into nanoporous carbon. This method allows for the deposition of Ni, Fe, and Co, as well as their binary alloys, NiFe, NiCo, and FeCo. Utilizing NH3-saturated water nanodroplets adsorbed within nanoporous carbon, metal precursors are precipitated as metal hydroxides with high dispersion. Following deposition, the MOx-carbon composites are reduced in 5% H2 atmosphere and then alloyed at 1100 °C in Ar. The resulting metal and alloy loaded carbon composites demonstrate excellent activity and stability for the alkaline oxygen evolution reaction (OER). The NiFe, and NiCo alloy composites both require an overpotential less than 400 mV after 2 hours under alkaline OER conditions in saturated O2.