(Invited) The Fuel Cell Solution for Automobile Industry

Wednesday, 31 May 2017: 16:30
Grand Salon B - Section 9 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Z. Hou, W. Shi, K. Wang, D. Xing, D. Liang, R. Wang, and P. Ming (SUNRISE POWER)
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) has been considered as an ideal power source of electric vehicle propulsion due to its high power and energy density, particularly when combined with high pressure hydrogen storage technology. After decades of R&D, the PEMFC technology has been improved to a commercially viable level. In the next five years, the automobile industry in China will invest substantially more efforts on fuel cell vehicles, and Chinese government has launched an attractive subsidy policy towards commercialization of fuel cell vehicles.

Sunrise Power has focused on achieving fuel cell technology targets for automobile industry over fifteen years. Three generations of PEMFC power systems has been developed to enhance the power density, durability, and to reduce the cost.The 1st generation of PEMFC power system was developed for fuel cell vehicle demonstration during “2008 Beijing Olympic Games” and “2010 Shanghai EXPO” in China. And the fuel cell lifetime between 1000~2000 hours was demonstrated. The 2nd generation optimized the system and stack design following a fuel cell failure mode, which was disclosed via the degradation research on the 1st generation fuel cell systems. And it has been validated that the fuel cell lifetime can be improved to about 5000 hours. The 3rd generation eliminated air humidification via the adoption of a water management strategy to achieve higher power density and lower cost. Basing on the research, Sunrise Power has launched fuel cell product portfolio of HyMOD, HyMOD+ and HySYS to support the application of the fuel cell vehicle industry.