Fundamental Bioelectrochemistry

Wednesday, 31 May 2017: 16:20-18:00
Durham (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Jim Burgess
Exploratory Analysis of Bacterial Raman Spectra in Electroactive Biofilms
N. Lebedev, S. Strycharz-Glaven (Naval Research Laboratory, CBMSE), and L. M. Tender (Naval Research Laboratory)
Electrochemical Studies of Zinc/Cysteine Interactions
M. Y. Doan, M. A. Worosz, and G. T. Cheek (United States Naval Academy)
Electrodeposited Cadmium Oxide Semiconductor Electrodes for Protein Redox Characterization
D. G. Peters (Indiana University) and B. Gerroll (Indiana Universtity Bloomington)
Extracellular Electron Transfer in Mixed Species Biofilms: The Role of Rikenella Microfusus
M. Grattieri, S. Abdellaoui, K. Hasan, and S. D. Minteer (University of Utah)