Bifunctional Catalysts

Thursday, 1 June 2017: 08:25-10:30
Grand Salon A - Section 3 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Hongmei Luo and Gang Wu
Introductory Remarks
Highly Efficient Water Splitting with Nickel Telluride: A Novel Bifunctional Electrocatalyst in Alkaline Medium
U. De Silva (Missouri University Science & Technology), W. P. R. Liyanage, J. Masud, and M. Nath (Missouri University of Science & Technology)
Highly Stable Nanocarbon Catalysts for Bifunctional Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Reactions in Alkaline Media
S. Gupta (University at Buffalo), S. Zhao (University of Connecticut), H. Xu (Giner, Inc.), and G. Wu (University at Buffalo, the State University of New York)
Synergism and Implications of Using Carbon Supports with Perovskites for the Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Reaction
K. Stevenson (Skolkovo Institute of Technology), C. Alexander (University of Texas at Austin), A. M. Abakumov (Chemistry Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University), and K. P. Johnston (University of Texas at Austin)
Two-Dimensional Nanoframes As Bifunctional Oxygen Electrodes for Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cells
C. Rhodes, F. Godinez-Salomon, R. Archer, and Y. Ying (Texas State University)