Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems 3

Monday, 29 May 2017: 13:40-15:50
Grand Salon A - Section 4 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Praveen K. Sekhar and Edward Song
Integration of Graphene Oxide on Nylon/Polyester/Cotton Fabrics for a Wearable Electronic Nose Sensor
E. Lee, Y. Chung, D. Lee, J. Yoon, C. Lincoln, B. C. Prorok (Auburn University), S. Woo (Yonsei University), Y. Yoon (Gachon University), and D. J. Kim (Auburn University)
A Fully Inkjet-Printed Sensor for Electrochemical Detection of Heavy Metals
H. Shamkhalichenar and J. W. Choi (Louisiana State University)
An Electrochemical Ammonia Sensor on Paper Substrate
P. K. Sekhar (Washington State University, Vancouver) and J. Kysar (Washington State University Vancouver)
Novel Films Based on Inexpensive and Readily Available Materials for Use As a Hydrocarbon Sensor
H. B. Sebastian, R. Pilonieta, R. M. Mayall (University of Calgary), V. Birss (Department of Chemistry, University of Calgary), and S. Bryant (University of Calgary)