Effects of Cell Geometry on Rate Performance of Secondary Batteries

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 16:20
Maryland D (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)


3D geometries for microbattery applications have been explored to increase capacity per footprint area, relevant for small footprint area micro devices [1] [2]. Simulations of interdigitated Li-ion batteries suggest 4 orders of magnitude increase in areal capacity at 330 C-rate from 0.58 Ah/m2in the conventional geometry to 318 Ah/m2 for the 3D geometry [3]. Realization of practical 3D battery designs can potentially decouple their power and energy [4], properties that are historically coupled in conventional battery design, which might have significant implications for high power devices.

Using commonly found commercially available materials and tools, we designed and conducted a simple experiment to elucidate how battery performance can be improved by varying the relative arrangements of the active and inactive components. Examples include using Li/LiCoO2 2032-type coin cells with 1M LiPF6 and carbonate containing electrolytes. The maximum active ion diffusion length required to fully delithiate the LiCoO2 electrodes during cycling was increased by 400-6500 μm compared with standard reference cells, and the effect on rate performance was measured between C/24 and C/3. Results suggest that extending the maximum active ion diffusion path length by >1600 μm still allows for attaining specific capacity that matches that of the reference cell at C/24. We discuss possible new geometries and optimized designs in the framework of battery performance.

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