Honoring Mark Wightman: Behavioral Neuroelectrochemistry II

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 14:00-17:00
National Harbor 11 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Leslie A Sombers , Pavel A Takmakov and Hariklia (Lili) Deligianni
(Invited) Carbon Fiber Electrode Array for the Detection of Electrophysiological and Dopaminergic Activity
P. R. Patel, P. Popov (University of Michigan), A. Mohebi (University of California, San Francisco), A. Hamid (University of Michigan), J. Pettibone (University of California, San Francisco), D. Roossien, B. Aragona, D. Cai (University of Michigan), J. Berke (University of California, San Francisco), and C. Chestek (University of Michigan)
(Invited) A Hybrid CMOS-Graphene Integrated Sensing Platform for Subsecond Dopamine Detection
T. WU, B. Nasri, A. Alharbi (Electrical and Computer Engineering, New York University), R. Kiani (Center for Neural Science, New York University), and D. Shahrjerdi (Electrical and Computer Engineering, New York University)
(Invited) Carbon Nanotube-Based Microelectrodes for Enhanced Neurochemical Detection
A. G. Zestos (American University) and B. J. Venton (University of Virginia)
(Invited) Electrolytic Hydrogen Clearance for Measuring Cerebral Blood Flow
G. S. McCarty, C. A. Lee (North Carolina State University), L. Walton (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), L. A. Sombers (North Carolina State University), and R. M. Wightman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
(Invited) Nanogap Voltammetry of Clean Surface of Electron-Beam-Deposited Carbon
S. Amemiya, R. Chen (University of Pittsburgh), A. Najarian (University of Alberta), R. Balla (University of Pittsburgh), and R. L. McCreery (University of Alberta)