Proton Conductors

Thursday, 5 October 2017: 13:40-16:20
National Harbor 7 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Sunghwan Lee and Wei Wu
Solid Acid Proton Conductors: Insights into Proton Conduction Mechanisms and Advances in Electrode Architectures
R. A. Elgammal (University of Tennessee - Knoxville) and T. A. Zawodzinski Jr. (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, University of Tennessee - Knoxville)
Accelerated Computational Design of Mixed Protonic and Electronic Conduction for H2 Separation through Tailoring Polaron
Q. Bai, Y. Zhu, X. He (University of Maryland, College Park), and Y. Mo (University of Maryland Energy Research Center, University of Maryland, College Park)
Hydrogen and Ethylene Production through Water-Splitting and Ethane Dehydrogenation Using BaFe0.9Zr0.1O3-δ Mixed-Conductors
G. Dimitrakopoulos (MechE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), R. C. Schucker, K. Derrickson, J. R. Johnson, K. K. Kopeć, L. Shao, F. Alahmadi (SABIC), and A. F. Ghoniem (MechE, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
High-Temperature Neutron Diffraction Study on PbWO4 and CaWO4-Based Oxide Ion Conductors with Different Defect Structure
S. Takai, S. Kaji, T. Yabutsuka (Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University), and T. Yao (National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College)
Fabrication and Testing of Anode Supported Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells in Biogas (Cancelled)
Features of Molten Oxide Fuel Cells and Molten Oxide Membranes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Oxygen Separation (Cancelled)