General Session 4

Tuesday, 15 May 2018: 14:00-18:00
Room 618 (Washington State Convention Center)
Elizabeth J Biddinger
Electrochemical Reduction of Greenhouse Gas with Couette-Taylor Flow (CTF) Mixer
S. Baek, H. Kim, K. H. Kim (Seoul National University), I. Choi (Kangwon National University), O. S. Kwon (Seoul National University), O. J. Kwon (Incheon National University (INU)), and J. J. Kim (Seoul National University)
Effect of Impurities in Precious Metal Recovery by Electrodeposition-Redox Replacement Method from Industrial Side-Streams and Process Streams
K. Yliniemi, Z. Wang (Aalto University), I. Korolev (Aalto University, Outotec Research Center), P. Hannula, P. Halli, and M. Lundström (Aalto University)
Selective Metallization of Non-Conductive Materials by Patterning of Catalytic Particles and the Application of a Gradient Magnetic Field
S. Danilova, J. E. Graves (Coventry University), E. Pellicer (Autonomous University of Barcelona), J. Sort (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Institucio Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats), and A. J. Cobley (Coventry University)
Electrochemical Removal of Copper from Regenerated Pickling Solutions of Steel Plants
E. Karakaya (Middle East Technical University), M. S. Aras (MEGAP Co.), M. Erdogan (Yildirim Beyazit University), S. Karagul, M. Ersoy (Borusan Technology Department and R&D Co.), and I. Karakaya (Middle East Technical University)
Alkaline Plating and Striping of Metal-Amine Complexes for Amine Regeneration in Gas Scrubbing Processes
M. Wang, S. B. Hariharan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), M. E. Massen-Hane (Curtin University), R. Shaw, and T. A. Hatton (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Pressure Influence on Acoustic Cavitation Phenomenonin Ionic Liquids: Electrochemical Study
B. Naidji (UTINAM UMR 6213 CNRS Univ BOURGOGNE FRANCHE COMTE), L. Hallez (UTINAM UMR 6213 CNRS University Bourgogne Franche-Comté), A. Et Taouil, M. Rebetez, and J. Y. Hihn (UTINAM UMR 6213 CNRS Univ BOURGOGNE FRANCHE COMTE)
Ordered Three Dimensional Electrodes for Enhanced Mass Transfer
J. Hereijgers (University of Antwerp, ART Group), J. Lölsberg, M. Wessling (RWTH Aachen University), and T. Breugelmans (University of Antwerp, Research group ART)
Anode Materials for Sulfide Oxidation in Alkaline Wastewater: An Activity and Stability Performance Comparison
E. Ntagia, E. Fiset, L. da Silva Lima, X. Zhang (CMET, Ghent University), A. W. Jeremiasse (MAGNETO special anodes B.V.), and K. Rabaey (CMET, Ghent University)
Electrosynthesis of Near-Neutral Ferrate Species for Drinking Water Treatment Using a Recirculating Batch Reactor
A. Bonakdarpour, M. Cataldo, M. Mohseni, and D. P. Wilkinson (University of British Columbia)
A Comparative Study on Electrochemical Treatment of Wastewater By Using BDD Electrodes with Different Sizes of Crystals (Cancelled)