Metals and Gettering

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 16:00-17:20
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 17 (Moon Palace Resort)
Ruben R. Lieten and Gudrun Helga Kissinger
Modeling of Carbon Clustering and Associated Metal Gettering
Y. Jin and S. T. Dunham (University of Washington)
Deep Levels in W-Doped Czochralski Silicon
E. Simoen (Imec, Ghent Unviversity), K. Saga (Sony Corporation), J. Lauwaert, and H. Vrielinck (Ghent University)
Ab Initio Analysis on Stability of Metal Atoms in β-Si3N4/Si Structure
D. Shibata, S. Kobayashi, K. Sueoka (Okayama Prefectural University), J. Komachi, and K. Saga (Sony Corporation)
Mn Related Defect Levels in Germanium
J. Lauwaert, F. Moens, S. H. Segers (Ghent University), K. Opsomer (IMEC), E. Simoen (imec vzw, Ghent University), J. Vanhellemont, P. Clauws, F. Callens, and H. Vrielinck (Ghent University)