III-V Wafer Bonding Applications

Monday, 6 October 2014: 15:20-17:50
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 9 (Moon Palace Resort)
Maik Wiemer and Oussama Moutanabbir
(Invited) Wafer Bonding: An Integration Route for Hybrid III-V/SiGe CMOS on 300mm
L. Czornomaz, N. Daix, E. Uccelli, V. Djara, D. Caimi, C. Rossel, M. Sousa, H. Siegwart, C. Marchiori (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory), J. M. Hartmann (University of Grenoble - Alpes), and J. Fompeyrine (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory)
(Invited) Heterogeneously Integrated III-V on Silicon Lasers
B. Ben Bakir, C. Sciancalepore, A. Descos, H. Duprez, D. Bordel, L. Sanchez, C. Jany, K. Hassan, P. Brianceau, V. Carron, and S. Menezo (CEA, Leti, Minatec Campus)
Effects of Miscut Substrates on Electrical Conductivity Across InP and GaAs Wafer-Bonded Structures
J. McKay, M. Seal, K. Yeung, M. Jackson (UCLA), and M. S. Goorsky (University of California, Los Angeles)
Type-II Band Profile of GaAs/Si Hetero Junctions by Surface Activated Bonding for Hybrid Tandem Cells
N. Shigekawa, J. Liang, M. Morimoto, and S. Nishida (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University)
Chemical Mechanical Polishing of III-V Materials for Wafer Bonding Applications
J. McKay (UCLA), M. S. Goorsky (University of California, Los Angeles), D. Chen, and S. Sareminaeini (UCLA)
Concluding Remarks