Optoelectronics 2:  Photodetection

Thursday, 9 October 2014: 08:20-09:40
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 11 (Moon Palace Resort)
Gianlorenzo Masini
(Invited) Si Waveguide-Integrated High-Speed Ge Photodetector
J. Fujikata, M. Miura, M. Noguchi (PECST, PETRA), and Y. Arakawa (PECST, The University of Tokyo)
(Invited) Waveguide Germanium PIN Photodiodes for Optical Communication Applications
L. Vivien (University of Paris-Sud), L. Virot (University of Grenoble - Alpes, University of Paris-Sud), J. M. Hartmann (CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus, University of Grenoble - Alpes), J. M. Fédéli (CEA, LETI, University of Grenoble - Alpes), D. Marris-Morini, E. Cassan (University of Paris-Sud), C. Baudot, and F. Boeuf (STMicroelectronics)
(Invited) Fabrication of Pure-GaB Ge-on-Si Photodiodes for Well-Controlled 100-pA-Level Dark Currents
A. Sammak (TUDelft), M. Aminian (EPFL), L. Qi, W. B. de Boer (TUDelft), E. Charbon (EPFL, TUDelft), and L. K. Nanver (TUDelft)