Optoelectroncis 3: Systems

Thursday, 9 October 2014: 10:05-11:35
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 11 (Moon Palace Resort)
Gianlorenzo Masini
Silicon-Germanium-Silica Monolithic Photonic Integration Platform for High-Performance Optical Data Communication Systems
K. Yamada, T. Tsuchizawa, H. Nishi, R. Kou, T. Hiraki, K. Takeda, H. Fukuda, K. Okazaki (NTT Corporation), Y. Ishikawa, K. Wada (The University of Tokyo), and T. Yamamoto (NTT Corporation)
(Invited) Photonic Interconnection Made by a Ge/SiGe MQW Modulator Connected to a Ge/SiGe MQW Photodetector through a SiGe Waveguide
J. Frigerio (Politecnico di Milano), P. Chaisakul (Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale), D. Marris-Morini (University of Paris-Sud), M. S. Rouifed (Institut d'Electronique Fondamentale), S. Cecchi, D. Chrastina, G. Isella (Politecnico di Milano), and L. Vivien (University of Paris-Sud)
Post-Growth Laser Annealing for High-Performance Ge Photodiodes on Si
Y. Kawamata, S. Nagatomo, K. Fukuda (The University of Tokyo), Y. Izawa (Tokyo Electron Miyagi Limited), S. Hoshino (Tokyo Electron Limited), and Y. Ishikawa (The University of Tokyo)
The Dual-Heterojunction Ge on Si Photodetector
S. Sahni, N. K. Hon, and G. Masini (Luxtera)