Advanced Semiconductor Applications II

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 14:00-15:20
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 16 (Moon Palace Resort)
Stefan DeGendt and Robert M Wallace
ALD and PVD Tantalum Nitride Barrier Resistivity and Their Significance in via Resistance Trends
O. van der Straten (IBM Research), X. Zhang (GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Inc.), K. Motoyama (IBM Research), C. Penny, J. Maniscalco, and S. Knupp (IBM Systems & Technology Group)
Higher-K Formation in Atomic Layer Deposited  Hf1-XAlxOy
K. Tapily, S. Consiglio, R. Clark (TEL Technology Center, America), R. Vasic (College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering), C. Wajda (TEL Technology Center, America), J. Jordan-Sweet (IBM), G. Leusink (TEL Technology Center, America), and A. C. Diebold (College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering)
Engineering the III-V Gate Stack Properties by Optimization of the ALD Process
S. Sioncke (imec), L. Nyns (IMEC), T. Ivanov (imec), D. Lin (imec vzw), J. Franco, A. Vais, M. Ameen, A. Delabie (imec), Q. Xie (ASM), J. W. Maes (ASM Belgium), F. Tang (asm), M. Givens (ASM), S. Van Elshocht (imec), F. Holsteyns (imec vzw), K. Barla, N. Collaert, A. Thean (IMEC), S. De Gendt (imec vzw), and M. Heyns (KU Leuven)