(Keynote) Silicon Photonics Technology for Optical Communications with High Bandwidth Density Requirements (1Tbit/s and 1,000 Gbit/s/cm²)

Monday, October 12, 2015: 13:40
103-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
S. Menezo, G. Pares, S. Bernabe (CEA-Leti), O. Castany (CEA-Leti), C. Sciancalepore (CEA, Leti), K. Hassan (CEA, Leti), B. Blampey, B. Charbonnier, J. Harduin (CEA-Leti), S. Messaoudene (CEA-Leti), S. Saeedi (California Institute of Technology), A. Emami (California Institute of Technology), and B. Ben Bakir (CEA, Leti)
As many applications emerge with the need for providing System-In-Package with optical I/Os, Silicon photonics technology shows great assets over other optical technologies:

- The integrations of all the optical functions required to establish an optical transmission link have been demonstrated (silicon based modulators and (de)multiplexers, integration of Ge/Si photodetectors and heterogeneous integration of III-V/Si lasers). The fabrication is achieved in CMOS fabs on 200 and 300mm-wafers.

- Besides the Si-Photonics technology enables the use of 3D assembling techniques for interconnecting the Silicon-Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) with its required driving Electronics (Electronic IC). Micro pillars can be used with ultra-low parasitics between the PIC and its companion EIC.

The talk will review how the Silicon photonics technology toolbox developed at CEA-Leti (including the photonic devices library and the 3D assembling techniques for interconnecting PICs and EICs) scales with transmission applications having denser integration requirements (Tbit/s-class transceiver with bandwidth density > 1,000 Gbit/cm²). The performances of several demonstrators will be presented (25Gb/s receiver and 16-QAM transmitter) made from hybridation of Si-PICs and CMOS Electronic ICs).