Photonics & High Frequency Devices

Monday, October 12, 2015: 13:40-16:00
103-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
Junichi Murota and Frank Schwierz
(Keynote) Silicon Photonics Technology for Optical Communications with High Bandwidth Density Requirements (1Tbit/s and 1,000 Gbit/s/cm²)
S. Menezo, G. Pares, S. Bernabe (CEA-Leti), O. Castany (CEA-Leti), C. Sciancalepore (CEA, Leti), K. Hassan (CEA, Leti), B. Blampey, B. Charbonnier, J. Harduin (CEA-Leti), S. Messaoudene (CEA-Leti), S. Saeedi (California Institute of Technology), A. Emami (California Institute of Technology), and B. Ben Bakir (CEA, Leti)
(Invited) Si Photonics and Recent Challenges for on-Chip WDM
K. Wada (The University of Tokyo), Z. Zhang, M. Yako, K. Ju (Department of Materials Engineering, University of Tokyo), and N. J. Kawai (Department of Materials Engineering, University of Tokyo)
(Invited) Multifunctional Technology with Monolithic Integrated THz-, Photonic- and µ-Fluidic Modules
A. Mai, S. Lischke, M. Wietstruck, L. Zimmermann, M. Kaynak (IHP), and B. Tillack (IHP)
(Invited) Electrical Properties of Group 4 Metal-Nitride/Ge Contacts and the Application to Ge Optoelectronic Devices
H. Nakashima, K. Yamamoto (Kyushu University), and D. Wang (Kyushu University)