Thursday, 1 June 2017: 16:00-18:20
Grand Salon B - Section 7 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Feng-Yuan Zhang
H2-Transport Limitations in the Hydrogen Electrode in PEM Water Electrolysis
P. J. Rheinländer (Technische Universität München), P. Peitl (Technical University of Munich), M. Bernt (Technische Universität München), and H. A. Gasteiger (Technical University of Munich)
Tomography Aided Development of Membrane Electrode Assemblies for PEM Water Electrolysis
F. Hegge, S. Vierrath (IMTEK - University of Freiburg), S. Ogawa (Carnegie Mellon University), L. Zielke (IMTEK - University of Freiburg), M. Bühler (IMTEK - University of Freiburg, Hahn-Schickard), C. Klose (IMTEK - University of Freiburg), R. Zengerle (IMTEK - University of Freiburg, Hahn-Schickard), S. Litster (Carnegie Mellon University), and S. Thiele (IMTEK - University of Freiburg, Hahn-Schickard)
On the Experimental Investigation of the Clamping Pressure Effects on the Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyser Cell Performance
S. Al Shakhshir, S. Frensch, and S. K. Kær (Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University)
3D Printed Bipolar Plate for Water Electrolysis
F. Y. Zhang (UT Space Institute, University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Hydrogen Isotope Separation By Combined Electrolysis Fuel Cell
H. Matsushima, R. Ogawa, and M. Ueda (Hokkaido University)
New High Potential Membrane Material (For Electrochemical Hydrogen Compression) (Cancelled)