Photo and Electrocatalytic Processes

Wednesday, 31 May 2017: 08:00-12:00
Grand Salon D - Section 19 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Roseanne Warren
Electrochemical and in Situ Characterization of Bi(111) Electrode in Ionic Liquid Mixtures with Halide Ions
C. Siimenson, O. Oll, G. Gorbatovski, and E. Lust (Institute of Chemistry, University of Tartu)
Study of Charge Transfer Dynamics in Spray Deposited Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) Photoelectrodes for Performance Improvement (Cancelled)
Effect of Fluoride Concentration on Niobium Anodic Dissolution
M. Tirumala Rao (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) and R. Srinivasan (Indian Institute of Technology - Madras)
Palladium Electrocatalysts Synthesis: Probing Reducing Agent Effect By XRD, XPS and ORR
T. W. Napporn (Universite de Poitiers, IC2MP), Y. Holade (University of Montpellier), C. Canaff, S. Poulin (Universite de Poitiers, IC2MP), K. Servat (Université de Poitiers, IC2MP), S. Arrii-Clasens (Universite de Poitiers, IC2MP), and K. B. Kokoh (University of Poitiers, IC2MP)
Atomic Palladium
E. L. Gawron, S. M. Hira, A. P. Jonke, M. A. Josowicz, and J. Janata (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Effect of pH and Alkali Cations on Hydroxide Adsorption on Ir, Pt, and Au (111)
I. T. McCrum and M. J. Janik (The Pennsylvania State University)
Electrochemical Oxidation of Niobium and Tantalum Carbides in Aqueous Solutions
D. J. Walczyk, D. Mason (Rowan University), N. McRae (Rowan Univeristy), G. Taylor, Z. Norris, K. Linderman, J. Hettinger, and L. Yu (Rowan University)