(Invited) Band Gap Engineering and Heterostructures of Low Dimensional Semiconductors

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 15:00
Chesapeake E (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
T. Yang, X. Zhang, and A. Pan (Hunan University)
Band gaps are one of the most important parameters of semiconductor materials for their optoelectronic applications since they determine the spectral features of absorptions and emission processes [1,2]. Due to the limited band gaps of natural semiconductors, alloying and heterostructured semiconductors with different band gaps have long been the standard methods of achieving semiconductor structures with new band gaps and functions [3,4]. In this talk, I will report our recent progress on the band gap engineering of 1D semiconductor nanowires and 2D atomically thin layered materials through controlled vapor growth. Using some examples, I will show how to realize composition graded and interface sharped low dimensional semiconductor heterostructures through composition controlled band gap modulation. The achieved band gap engineered nanostructures can give continuously tuned or white light emission, and can be used to realize multi-color nanolasers, wavelength splitter, asymmetric waveguiding and high-performance photodetectors etc [5-7].


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