A01 Poster Session

Wednesday, 4 October 2017: 18:00-20:00
Prince George's Exhibit Hall D/E (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Marina Yakovleva
New Fluorinated Carbon Materials for Binder-Free Ultra-High Capacity Cathodic Materials
H. Sun (Department of Chemistry, University of South Dakota)
Photopotential and Polarization Characteristics of Ruthenizer Complex Sensitized TiO2 Electrode for Marine Microbial Fuel Cell
H. Nay Wunn, S. Motoda, and M. Morita (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
5Wh Class Planar Sodium Nickel Chloride (Na-NiCl2) Battery Operated at below 200oc for Grid Scale Energy Storage
K. Jung, Y. C. Park, S. Son (Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology), Y. Lee (Gyeongsang National University), C. S. Kim (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), D. Jin, W. Shim (Yonsei University), H. J. Chang, G. Li, and V. Sprenkle (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Prediction of Electrochemical Performance of Lower Temperature Operating Na-NiCl2 Battery
K. Jung, Y. C. Park (Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology), G. Li (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), Y. Xu, and C. S. Kim (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
State of Health Battery Estimator Enabling Degradation Diagnosis
M. Dubarry (University of Hawaii, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute), M. Berecibar (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, IK4-Ikerlan), G. Baure (University of Hawaii, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute), N. Omar (Vrije Universiteit Brussel - ETEC/MOBI), and I. Villarreal (IK4-Ikerlan)
Orientation Effects of Electrode with Various Wettability on Deep Discharge Capacity of Li-O2 Batteries (Cancelled)
Understanding Effective Electronic Conductivity of Slurry Electrodes Used in Electrochemical Flow Capacitors and All-Iron Redox Flow Batteries
X. Ke, J. S. Wainright, and R. F. Savinell (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Electrochemical Reaction and Direct Energy Conversion of Macroalgae Biomasses By Functional Nanomaterial Modified Electrodes (Cancelled)
A Flavin-Based pH Flow Battery That Recharges with Waste Heat or Carbon Dioxide Emissions
J. Fortunato (The Pennsylvania State University), X. Zhu (Louisiana State University), M. Rahimi, and C. A. Gorski (The Pennsylvania State University)
High Conductive Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks for Anodes of Lithium-Ion Batteries
H. Yang (West Virginia University), C. Huang (Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology), and H. Liu (Institute of Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Long-Life Air Electrode for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries
Y. C. Lee, S. P. Jung, S. M. Ho, C. I. Lee, K. L. Hsueh, C. C. Wu, and C. C. Yang (Industrial Technology Research Institute)
Novel Short-Circuit Detection in Li-Ion Battery Architectures
S. V. Sazhin, E. J. Dufek, and D. K. Jamison (Idaho National Laboratory)
Preparation of 2% Sulfur Doped Li2FeSiO4/C with High Performance for Lithium Ion Batteries
X. Luo, Q. Lin, W. Guan, C. Zhang, W. Cao, X. Cheng, and Y. Zhang (Xiamen University)
Electrocatalytic Properties of Vanadate Glass for Metal-Air Rechargeable Battery
H. Miyamoto, M. Yuasa, T. Nishida, and N. Oka (Kindai University)
High-Performance Supercapacitors Based on Graphitic Nanofibers/Nickel Sulfide Composite Electrodes (Cancelled)
Metaheuristics Computation-Assisted Multi-Element Doping Design in Electrode Materials for Rechargeable Batteries
Y. H. Jung (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory), D. Ahn (Beamline Department, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory), W. B. Park, and K. S. Sohn (Sejong University)
Transition Metal Oxide Powders Made from Flame Spray Pyrolysis for Li-Ion Batteries
J. Liao, T. Smith, K. Hamad, and Y. Xing (University of Missouri)
Transition Metal Triggered Electrochemical Interphases in Sodium-Ion Batteries
L. Mu, M. M. Rahman, and F. Lin (Department of Chemistry, Virginia Tech)
High Potential Organic Materials for Battery Applications
A. J. Prins, A. Dumitrascu, N. J. Mortimer, D. R. Henton (Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute), and T. F. Guarr (Jolt Energy Storage Technologies, LLC, Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute)
Study of Spectral Analysis and Redox Potential Titration for Monitoring the State-of-Charge of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
C. L. Hsieh (Institute of Nuclear Energy Research), Y. H. Hung (GlobalWafers Co., Ltd.), K. L. Hsueh (Industrial Technology Research Institute, National United University), and J. S. Hung (National United University)
A Novel Multi-Sine Excitation Procedure for Impedance Spectroscopy Supports Automatic Drift Correction and Online Error Determination
S. Feihl (Zahner Scientific Instruments), M. Sholin (Admiral Instruments), C. A. Schiller, S. Fröba, M. Multerer, and W. Strunz (Zahner Scientific Instruments)
Surface Chemistry Evolution in Blended Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode Materials
G. H. Waller and A. N. Mansour (Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division)
Development of a Li-Ion Electrochemical Platform for in-Situ TEM of Solid State Electrode/Electrolyte Interfaces
R. Wang, J. S. Daubert (North Carolina State University), M. Ning, Y. Yang (Columbia University), Y. Liu, G. N. Parsons, E. C. Dickey, and V. Augustyn (North Carolina State University)
Charge-Discharge Property of Non-Stoichiometric Lithium Iron Silicate
R. Matsui, M. Katayama, Y. Inada, and Y. Orikasa (Department of Applied Chemistry, Ritsumeikan University)
Understanding the Capacity Loss in LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 - Li4Ti5O12 Lithium-Ion Cells at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures
B. Aktekin, M. J. Lacey, T. Nordh, R. Younesi (Department of Chemistry - Ångström, Uppsala University), C. Tengstedt (Scania CV AB), W. Zipprich (Volkswagen AG), D. Brandell (Department of Chemistry - Ångström, Uppsala University), and K. Edström (Uppsala University)
Regenerable Cu-Intercalated MnO2 Layered Cathode for Highly Cyclable Energy Dense Aqueous-Based Batteries
G. G. Yadav, J. W. Gallaway, D. Turney, J. Huang (CUNY Energy Institute at the City College of New York), X. Wei (The City College of New York), M. Nyce, and S. Banerjee (CUNY Energy Institute at the City College of New York)