Thermoelectric and Thermal Interface Materials and Devices VI

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 14:00-17:50
Chesapeake F (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Colm O'Dwyer and Kafil M. Razeeb
(Invited) Durability of Thermoelectric Modules and Development of Generation Systems
R. Funahashi, T. Urata, Y. Matsumura, M. Suzuki, H. Murakami, H. Ikenishi, and M. Kubouchi (Nat. Inst. Adv. Industrial Sci. & Tech.)
(Invited) Template Assisted Electrochemical Deposition and High Power Factor Materials for Integrated Thermoelectric Devices
G. Schierning (IFW Dresden, Dresden, Germany), G. Li (IFW Dresden), V. Barati, D. A. Lara Ramos, T. Sieger, J. Garcia, N. Perez Rodriguez, M. Mohn, H. Schlörb, J. Freudenberger, H. Reith, and K. Nielsch (IFW Dresden, Dresden, Germany)
High Efficient Thermoelectric Materials with Embedded Nanostructures By Electrochemical Synthesis
J. Kim (Korea Institute of Materials Science), N. V. Myung (University of California - Riverside), and J. H. Lim (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
(Invited) Peltier Effect of Silicon for Cooling 4H-SiC-Based Power Devices
Y. Furubayashi (RNBS, Hiroshima University), T. Tanehira (Mazda Motor Corporation, TherMAT), A. Yamamoto (AIST), K. Yonemori, S. Miyoshi (Mazda Motor Corporation, TherMAT), and S. I. Kuroki (RNBS, Hiroshima University)