A-31 Modeling 2

Thursday, 5 October 2017: 08:00-12:00
National Harbor 3 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Adam Z. Weber and Sirivatch Shimpalee
Development of Numerical Models for Simulations of Transient Internal States of PEFC Stack System
T. Takayama, H. Yoshimura, H. Motegi, T. Tsukamoto, R. Takayama, and M. Yoneda (Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc.)
Using Multi-Scale Modeling to Understand Transports inside PEMFC Under Different Configurations
S. Shimpalee, P. Satjaritanun, J. W. Weidner (University of South Carolina), S. Hirano, Z. Lu (Ford Motor Company), A. Shum, I. V. Zenyuk (Tufts University), S. Ogawa, and S. Litster (Carnegie Mellon University)
Investigation of PEMFC Performance and Property of the Gas Diffusion Layers Utilizing the Numerical Model
S. Hirano (Ford Motor Company), S. Shimpalee (University of South Carolina), Z. Lu (Ford Motor Company), P. Satjaritanun, and J. W. Weidner (University of South Carolina)
PEFC17 Poster Award (Section D room)
Understanding the Effect of Humidity on Cell Performance Using a 2+1D Modeling Approach
L. M. Pant, H. S. Shiau, and A. Z. Weber (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Characterization of Water Transport in PEMFC Electrode Using the Washburn Method
S. Abbou, K. Tajiri, E. Medici, and J. S. Allen (Michigan Technological University)
A 1D+1D Model of Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells Based on an Optimized Kinetic Mechanism for Ethanol Electro-Oxidation Involving Free and Adsorbed Intermediate Species
J. Sánchez-Monreal, P. A. García-Salaberri (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), and M. Vera (University Carlos III of Madrid)
A 2D through-the-Membrane Transient Model for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
A. Goshtasbi (University of Michigan), B. Pence (Ford Motor Company), and T. Ersal (University of Michigan)
Measurement of Through-Plane Humidity Distribution inside an MEA by Thin Film Sensor
R. Minami, N. Hasegawa (Yokohama National University), and T. Araki (PRESTO, JST)