5minutes TSV Filling

Monday, 6 October 2014: 13:40
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 13 (Moon Palace Resort)
C. Funaahashi, K. Kondo, M. Yokoi, N. Okamoto, and T. Saito (Osaka Prefecture University)
  1. 1.      Introduction

  TSV(Through Silicon Via) is promising interconnection for the next generation smartphone, driving assistance and medical care system because of its ability of high speed image processing and low energy consumption.   Conventional TSV filling requires several 10min. to hour because of applying small current of less than 10mA/cm2.   This long time electrodeposition prevents TSV realization.   We have achieved  TSV filling within 5min.   and the details will be presented.


1.We have used via of diameter of 6μm and 25μm.  

2.High current density of 90mA/cm2 is possible to apply without void formation by adopting the PR-current wave form.

3.Di-allyl amine type additive has been used.

4.Fig.1 shows the via filled witnin 5min..   We are further seeking for 1min. TSV filling in order to spread the low cost TSV process world wide.


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