GaN Materials and Power Devices

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 10:10-11:50
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 20 (Moon Palace Resort)
Manijeh Razeghi and Aris Christou
Digital Control of DC-DC Converters Employing Wide Band Gap (WBG) Power Devices
L. Guo (Northern Illinois University), A. Pozo Arribas, M. Krishnamurthy (Illinois Institute of Technology), K. Shenai, and J. Wang (Argonne National Laboratory)
New Material Technologies in AlGaN/GaN Based Electronic Devices
M. Leszczynski (Institute of High Pressure Physics)
Novel Oxide Buffer for Scalable GaN-on-Silicon
A. Clark, R. Dargis, F. E. Arkun, and R. S. Smith (Translucent Inc.)
An Industrial 650V GaN DHEMT Cascode Technology
M. Tack, P. Moens, C. Liu, and F. Bauwens (ON Semiconductor)
Advances in Diamond Integration for Thermal Management in GaN Power HEMTs
T. J. Anderson, K. D. Hobart, M. J. Tadjer, A. D. Koehler, T. I. Feygelson, B. B. Pate (Naval Research Laboratory), J. K. Hite (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory), F. J. Kub, and C. R. Eddy Jr. (Naval Research Laboratory)