P7 Poster Session

Tuesday, 7 October 2014: 18:00-20:00
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Center and Right Foyers (Moon Palace Resort)
Structural and Optical Properties of Ge1-XSnx Alloys Grown on GaAs (001) by R. F. Magnetron Sputtering
H. Pérez Ladrón de Guevara (Universidad de Guadalajara), A. G. Rodríguez, H. Navarro-Contreras, and M. A. Vidal (Universidad Autónoma de San Luís Potosí)
A Study on the Sensitivity between Oxygen Radical and Negative Color PR in Exposure Process of CMOS Image Sensor
S. D. Hwang (Samsung Institute of Technology, Samsung Electronics), J. N. Kim, Y. J. Kim, and J. K. Choi (Samsung Electronics)
Low-Temperature Deposition of Thin Si, Ge, and SiGe Films Using Reducing Activity of Ballistic Hot Electrons
N. Koshida, R. Suda, M. Yagi, A. Kojima, R. Mentek (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), B. Gelloz (Nagoya University), N. Mori (Osaka University), and J. Shirakashi (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Fermi-Level Depinning of Ge Schottky Junction Using Se Treatment
Y. R. Lim, Y. J. Lee, K. H. Shim, V. Janardhanam, and C. J. Choi (Chonbuk National University)
Fast and Accurate in-Line Monitor of Boron Implantation Energy and Dose by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
T. Y. Wen, T. W. Lu, Y. R. Wang, C. F. Lin, J. Y. Wu (United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC)), S. J. Chang, S. M. Chiu, C. J. Huang, C. Y. Cheng, J. Cheng, G. Raphael, Z. Jiang, and Z. Tan (KLA-Tencor Corporation)
Pre-Amorphization and Low-Temperature Implantation for Efficient Activation of Implanted As in Ge(100)
H. Murakami, S. Hamada, T. Ono, K. Hashimoto (Hiroshima University), A. Ohta (Nagoya University), H. Hanafusa, S. Higashi (Hiroshima University), and S. Miyazaki (Nagoya University)
Detection of Effect of Strain on the Valence Band Structure of SiGe by HXPES with High Spatial Resolution
S. Yamahori, T. Sasago, T. Sakurai, E. Yonekura, K. Sawano (Tokyo City University), E. Ikenaga (Japan Synchrotoron Radiation Research Institute), and H. Nohira (Tokyo City University)
The Use of Dopants for Defect Monitoring for Silicon-Germanium Ultra-High Vaccuum Chemical Vapor Deposition
R. Hazbun, J. Hart (University of Delaware), J. Nakos, D. Siegel (IBM Microelectronics Division), C. Funch, V. Kaushal, D. S. Hazel (IBM Corporation), and J. Kolodzey (University of Delaware)
Optical Constants Determination of Pseudomorphic Si1-XGex Layers on Si(001), with 0<x<0.54
E. Nolot (CEA, LETI), J. M. Hartmann (CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus), and J. Hilfiker (J.A. Woollam Co. Inc.)