Removing Organic Residues Using Backside Brush Scrubber Clean

Monday, October 12, 2015: 15:40
104-A (Phoenix Convention Center)
K. N. Chauhan, V. Sih, T. Bhat, M. H. Kang, E. Kabutoya (GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.), and G. Cheng (GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc.)
Cleaning is an important part of advanced semiconductor manufacturing process. As the technology node advances, it has become more and more challenging. In 2X nm devices, excursions of organic residues are detected on the product wafers. These clusters of organic residues are found to be die killers and hence, reduce the yield of the product.

        In this work, we will focus on root cause finding for the organic residue clusters and the proposed solution. Defectivity, electrical, and yield data are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed solution. Figure 1 shows defectivity improvement of 11X as compared to the current integration scheme. Figure 2 is typical example of organic residues and cluster on wafers. Figure 3 shows the comparison of chemistries applied. Figure 4 demonstrates the product yield improvement of 3.1% after the introduction of the proposed solution.


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