F-32 Novel Electrolysis Cells/Reactions

Thursday, 5 October 2017: 14:00-18:00
National Harbor 15 (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Marc Secanell and Roswitha Zeis
Analysis of Inkjet Printed Polymer Electrolyte Electrolyzer Electrodes
M. Mandal, A. Valls, N. Gangnus, and M. Secanell (University of Alberta)
Correlations between the Porous Transport Layer Properties and the Hydrogen Crossover in Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolyzers
U. Babic (Electrochemistry Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institute), T. Schuler (Paul Scherrer Institut), T. J. Schmidt (Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETH Zürich, Paul Scherrer Institute), and L. Gubler (Electrochemistry Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institut)
On the Effect of the Flow Field Plate’s Geometry on the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolysis Cell’s Performance (Cancelled)
Analysing Gas-Liquid Flow in PEM Electrolyser Micro-Channels Using a Micro-Porous Ceramic as Gas Permeable Wall
S. Sadeghi Lafmejani, A. C. Olesen (Aalborg University), S. Al Shakhshir, and S. K. Kær (Department of Energy Technology, Aalborg University)
Challenging of Reducing Electrolysis Voltage by Superimposing Boiling on PEMWE–A Thermodynamic Coupling–
K. Ito (Department of Hydrogen Energy Systems, Kyushu University), K. Terabaru (Dept. of Hydrogen Energy Systems, Kyushu University,), H. Li (Dept. of Hydrogen Energy Systems, Kyushu University), A. Inada (Kyushu University), and H. Nakajima (Department of Hydrogen Energy Systems, Kyushu University)
Generation of Pure Hydrogen by the Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Methane-Derived Liquid Fuels in a PEM Electrolysis Cell
C. Lamy (IEM, CNRS-University Montpellier), B. Guenot, and M. Cretin (IEM/CNRS)
Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia Using Proton and Hydroxide Exchange Membrane Cells
J. Nash, J. Wang, J. Anibal, Y. Yan, and B. Xu (University of Delaware)
Membrane Electrolysis for Organic Chemical Hydride Synthesis with Water Oxidation
S. Mitsushima (Institute of Advanced Sciences, Yokohama Natl. Univ., Green Hydrogen Research Center, Yokohama Natl. Univ.), K. Nagasawa (Green Hydrogen Research Center, Yokohama Nat. Univ.), A. Kato, and Y. Nishiki (De Nora Permelec Ltd.)
Electrochemical De-Hydrogenation of Liquid MCH at Room Temperature
S. Badar, M. Kanou, Y. Nakata, H. Nam, and Y. Zenitani (Advanced Research Division, Panasonic Corporation)
Low-Voltage Gaseous HCl Electrolysis with Iron Redox-Mediated Cathode for Chlorine Regeneration
Y. Zhao (University of Delaware), S. Gu (Wichita State University), J. Wang, and Y. Yan (University of Delaware)