Ge, SiGe, and III-V Surface Conditioning and Etching

Tuesday, 3 October 2017: 08:40-11:50
Chesapeake I (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Anthony J. Muscat and Kenta Arima
(Invited) Reactivity of Water Vapor with Ultrathin GeO2/Ge and SiO2/Si Structures Investigated by Near-Ambient-Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
K. Arima, T. Hosoi, H. Watanabe (Osaka University), and E. J. Crumlin (Advanced Light Source, LBNL)
Study of SiGe Surface Cleaning
K. Komori (SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd), K. Wostyn (imec), D. Rondas (Imec, Belgium), J. L. Prado (imec vzw), T. Conard, R. Loo, L. Å. Ragnarsson (Imec, Belgium), N. Horiguchi (imec, Belgium), and F. Holsteyns (imec)
Coffee Break
Stability of SiGe(100) Surfaces after Ammonium Sulfide Passivation
S. L. Heslop, L. Peckler, and A. J. Muscat (University of Arizona)
The Impact of Dummy Gate Processing on Si-Cap-Free SiGe Passivation: A Physical Characterization Study on Strained SiGe 25% and 45%
K. Wostyn (imec), L. Å. Ragnarsson (Imec, Belgium), T. Schram, L. Witters (imec, Belgium), T. Conard (IMEC), B. Douhard (Imec, Belgium), D. Vanhaeren, F. Holsteyns (imec), W. Vandervorst (KU Leuven, Imec, Belgium), and N. Horiguchi (imec)
(Invited) Speciation during Wet Etching of III-V Semiconductors
A. Hinckley, E. Foster, T. Corley, and A. J. Muscat (University of Arizona)