Epitaxy 2: Si/SiGe Epitaxial Growth

Thursday, 9 October 2014: 14:55-17:25
Expo Center, 1st Floor, Universal 8 (Moon Palace Resort)
Yuji Yamamoto and A. Hikaviv
Very Low Temperature (Cyclic) Deposition / Etch of In-Situ Raised Sources and Drains
J. M. Hartmann (CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus), V. Benevent, A. André, C. Sirisopanaporn, M. Veillerot (CEA, LETI, Grenoble, France), M. P. Samson (STMicroelectronics, Crolles, France), and S. Barraud (CEA, LETI, Grenoble, France)
Selective Epitaxial Si:P Film for nMOSFET Application: High Phosphorous Concentration and High Tensile Strain
X. Li, A. Dube, Z. Ye, S. Sharma, Y. Kim, and S. Chu (Applied Materials)
Investigation of Growth Mechanism and Role of H2 in Very Low Temperature Si Epitaxy
A. Mosleh, S. A. Ghetmiri, B. R. Conley (University of Arkansas), H. H. Abu-Safe (German-Jordanian University), M. Benamara, Z. Waqar, S. El-Ghazaly, S. Q. Yu, and H. A. Naseem (University of Arkansas)
Characterization of Epitaxial Si:C:P and Si:P Layers for Source/Drain Formation in Advanced Bulk FinFETs
E. Rosseel (IMEC), H. B. Profijt (ASM Belgium), A. Y. Hikavyy (IMEC), J. Tolle (ASM America), S. Kubicek, G. Mannaert (imec), C. L'abbe, K. Wostyn (IMEC), N. Horiguchi, T. Clarysse, B. Parmentier (imec), S. Dhayalan, H. Bender (IMEC), J. W. Maes (ASM Belgium), S. Mehta (ASM America), and R. Loo (IMEC)
Evaluation of the Si0.8Ge0.2-on-Si Epitaxial Quality by Inline Surface Light Scattering: A Case Study on the Impact of Interfacial Oxygen
K. Wostyn (IMEC), K. Kenis, D. Rondas (imec vzw), R. Loo, A. Y. Hikavyy (IMEC), S. Dhayalan (imec), B. Douhard, P. W. Mertens, F. Holsteyns, S. De Gendt (imec vzw), G. Simpson, G. Bast, and K. Swaminathan (KLA-Tencor)
Shape and Orientation Controlled Vapor-Liquid-Solid growth of Si and Ge Nanowires for Monolithic Device Integration (Cancelled)
Material Studies on Si:C Epitaxial Films Grown by CVD
S. Dhayalan (K.U.Leuven, IMEC), R. Loo (imec vzw), E. Rosseel (Imec), A. Y. Hikavyy (IMEC), Y. Shimura (FWO Pegasus Marie Curie Fellow), T. Nuytten, O. Richard (imec), H. Bender (IMEC), B. Douhard (imec vzw), and W. Vandervorst (IMEC)