III-V based High Mobility Substrates

Tuesday, 26 May 2015: 08:20-12:00
Conference Room 4M (Hilton Chicago)
Evgeni Gusev and Vijay Narayanan
(Invited) Monolithic Integration of III-V Semiconductors by Selective Area Growth on Si(001) Substrate: Epitaxy Challenges & Applications
C. Merckling, S. Jiang, Z. Liu, N. Waldron, G. Boccardi, R. Rooyackers (imec), Z. Wang, B. Tian (Ghent Univ.), M. Pantouvaki (imec), N. Collaert (Imec), J. Van Campenhout, M. Heyns (imec), D. Van Thourhout (Ghent Univ.), W. Vandervorst (imec), and A. Thean (Imec)
(Invited) Dopant Activation and Deactivation in InGaAs during Sub-Millisecond Thermal Annealing
V. Sorg, S. N. Zhang, M. Hill, P. Clancy, and M. O. Thompson (Cornell University)
(Invited) Technology Options to Reduce Contact Resistance in Nanoscale III-V MOSFETs
R. T. P. Lee, W. Y. Loh, R. Tieckelmann, T. Orzali, C. Huffman, A. Vert (SEMATECH), G. Huang, M. Kelman, Z. Karim (AIXTRON), C. Hobbs, R. J. W. Hill, and S. S. Papa Rao (SEMATECH)
(Invited) Record-Performance In(Ga)As MOSFETS Targeting ITRS High-Performance and Low-Power Logic
M. J. Rodwell (University of California Santa Barbara), C. Y. Huang, S. Lee, V. Chobpattana, B. Thibeault, W. Mitchell, S. Stemmer, and A. Gossard (University of California, Santa Barbara)