Novel Wide Bandgap Materials and Devices

Wednesday, 27 May 2015: 08:30-12:30
Conference Room 4C (Hilton Chicago)
C.-F. Lo and Colm O'Dwyer
Optically Transparent Flexible IGZO TFTs Fabricated with a Selective Wet-Etch Process
A. Tari, C. H. Lee, and W. S. Wong (University of Waterloo)
Impact of Carbon-Doped In-Si-O Channel for Future TFT
K. Kurishima (National Institute for Materials Science, Meiji University), T. Nabatame, N. Mitoma, T. Kizu, K. Tsukagoshi, T. Sawada, A. Ohi (National Institute for Materials Science), I. Yamamoto, T. Ohishi (Shibaura Institute of Technology), T. Chikyow (National Institute for Materials Science), and A. Ogura (Meiji University)
Effect of Island Configuration and Neutral Axis Location for Mechanical Bending Strain on a-IGZO Thin Film Transistors
C. B. Park, J. J. Kim, H. Na, T. H. Moon, S. S. Yoo, and M. S. Yang (R&D Center, LG Display)
Effect of Rising Edge in Dynamic Stress with Various Duty Ratio in Amorphous Ingazno Thin Film Transistor
Y. H. Lee, S. J. Seok (POSTECH), B. K. Kim, S. H. Kim, T. K. Lee (LG Display), and O. Kim (POSTECH)
Effects of Annealing Pressure and Ambient on Thermally Robust RuOx Schottky Contacts on InAlN/AlN/GaN-on-Si(111) Heterostructure
L. M. Kyaw, Y. Liu (National University of Singapore), M. Y. Lai, T. N. Bhat, H. R. Tan, P. C. Lim, S. Tripathy (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR), and E. F. Chor (National University of Singapore)
Weak Quantum Confinement and Polaritons in ZnO and ZnO Cu Nanocrystals Prepared by Electrochemical Method
T. V. Torchynska (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, México), B. El Filali, A. I. Díaz Cano (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico), and L. V. Shcherbyna (V.Lashkaryov Institute Semiconductor Physics, Ukraine)
ALD NiO Thin Films As a Hole Transport-Electron Blocking Layer Material for Photo-Detector and Solar Cell Devices
W. J. Nam, Z. Gray (The Pennsylvania State University), J. Stayancho, V. Plotnikov, D. Kwon (Lucintech Inc), S. Waggoner (The Pennsylvania State University), D. V. Shenai-Khatkhate, M. Pickering, T. Okano (The Dow Chemical Company), A. Compaan (Lucintech Inc), and S. J. Fonash (The Pennsylvania State University, Solarity LLC)
Development of Wide Bandgap Multifunctional NiO Nanostructures and Thin Films for Sensing Applications (Cancelled)