M01 Poster Session

Tuesday, 30 May 2017: 18:00-20:00
Grand Ballroom (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
Synthetic Polypyrrole/Titanium Dioxide (Ppyl/TiO2) Nanocomposite As Potential Electroactive Material for the Voltammetric Quantification of Sulfamoxole
A. L. Khan (School of Studies in Chemistry Jiwaji University Gwalior) and R. Jain (Jiwaji University,Gwalior,India)
Measurement of Thickness of High-Resistivity Substrate By Photoconduction Enhanced Capacitance Displacement Sensor
T. H. Lee (National Central University, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering) and M. C. Lin (National Central University)
Real Time Quantification of Phenolic Compounds in Oil and Gas Wells Produced Wastewater Using a QCM Sensor
M. L. L. Barrera, J. A. Pedraza Sr., and F. A. Ríos (Universidad Industrial de Santander)
Patchable Ion Channel Pressure Sensors Inspired By Somatic Organs (Cancelled)
Thin Layer Disposable Flow Cells As (Spectro)Electrochemical Detectors in FIA Systems
P. Fanjul Bolado, H. Kanso, M. B. González García, and D. Hernández Santos (DROPSENS)
A Wearable Gas Sensor of GO and TiO2 Composite with High Selectivity
E. Lee, Y. Chung, D. Lee, J. Yoon, C. Lincoln, B. C. Prorok (Auburn University), S. Woo (Yonsei University), Y. Yoon (Gachon University), and D. J. Kim (Auburn University)
Effect of Surfactant and Alcohol Additives on Etching Characteristics in Aqueous Potassium Hydroxide Solutions
A. V. Narasimha Rao, V. Swarnalatha, and P. Pal (Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad)
Electrooxidation of Hexacyanoferrate(II) Anions in the Microfabricated Electrochemical Sensor-Array System
K. Pitman (Inst. of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences), J. Nerut, E. Lust (Institute of Chemistry, University of Tartu), M. Raud, T. Kikas (Inst. of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences), and S. Franssila (Aalto University)
A Printed Capacitor with Carbon Nanotube Electrodes for Energy Storage
T. H. da Costa and J. W. Choi (Louisiana State University)
Electrochemical Detection of Sulfanilamide at MWCNT Coated Conducting Polymer Modified Electrode (Cancelled)
An LED-Based Portable Multi-Excitation Fluorometer
Y. H. Shin and J. W. Choi (Louisiana State University)
Autonomous Silicate Electrochemical Sensor in Seawater
D. Chen Legrand, C. Barus (LEGOS UMR5566), N. Striebig (Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées-UMS831), and V. Garcon (LEGOS UMR5566)
Effect of Dry and Humidified Gases at Porous Electrolyte NOx Sensors
K. M. Kharashi and E. P. Murray (Louisiana Tech University)
Tri-Block Copolymer Assisted Synthesis of Highly Porous Pt-Pd Bimetallic Nanoassemblies
F. C. Chang (National Chiao Tung University), Y. C. Li, R. J. Wu (Industrial Technology Research Institute), J. W. Huang (National Chiao Tung University), J. Y. Hwang (Industrial Technology Research Institute), and C. H. Chen (National Chiao Tung University)
Insight into Understanding Factors Influencing Thermal Oxidation of Iridium Oxide Electrode
F. F. Huang, Z. Wan, Y. Jin, and L. Wen (University of Science and Technology Beijing)
Movement Intention Prediction By Superficial Magnetic and Pressure Sensor
M. Plaza and M. Cifuentes (universidad militar nueva granada)