Fuel Cell Performance 2

Wednesday, 31 May 2017: 14:00-18:20
Grand Salon B - Section 7 (Hilton New Orleans Riverside)
William E Mustain and Venkata Yarlagadda
Effects of Carbon Supports on the Stability of Pt and PtCo Nanoparticles in PEMFC Cathodes
V. Yarlagadda (General Motors, Fuel Cell Activities, University of Michigan), E. Padgett (Cornell University), R. S. Kukreja, J. M. Ziegelbauer (General Motors), J. Braaten, S. Ogawa, S. Komini Babu (Carnegie Mellon University), S. Arisetty, W. Gu (General Motors Company, Global Fuel Cell Activities), L. T. Thompson (University of Michigan), S. Litster (Carnegie Mellon University), D. A. Muller (Cornell University), and A. Kongkanand (General Motors, Fuel Cell Activities)
Analysis of H2/Air Polarization Curves: The Influence of Ionomer/Carbon Ratio and Carbon Supports in Low Pt Loading Catalyst on the Cathode Performance
H. Yu (University of Connecticut), L. J. Bonville, and R. Maric (Center for Clean Energy Engineering)
Design Considerations for a Robust Electrode of PEMFC Under H2 Starvation
H. Lee, J. Choi, and B. Roh (Hyundai Motor Company)
Development of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon Supported Fuel Cell Cathode Catalysts for Improved O2 Transport
N. Ramaswamy, M. K. Carpenter (General Motors Corporation), R. S. Kukreja, T. E. Moylan (General Motors), and S. Kumaraguru (General Motors, Fuel Cell Activities)
High Performance Pt-Ni Nanocage Catalyst for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs)
X. Peng, T. J. Omasta, W. A. Rigdon, and W. E. Mustain (University of Connecticut)
Self-Diffusion of Nafion Ionomer in Confined Nanopores
M. N. Islam, B. Pilapil, M. Trifkovic, and K. Karan (University of Calgary)
Patterning Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Fuel Cell and Electrolysis Applications
L. Zhang and C. G. Arges (Louisiana State University)
Understanding the Role of the Micro-Porous Layer on Fuel Cell Performance Using a Non-Isothermal, Two-Phase Model
J. Zhou (University of Alberta), A. M. V. Putz (AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.), and M. Secanell (University of Alberta)
Improving FIB-SEM Reconstructions By Using Epoxy Resin Embedding
M. Sabharwal (University of Alberta), A. M. V. Putz, D. Susac (AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.), J. Jankovic (Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp.), and M. Secanell (University of Alberta)