Semiconductor Processing

Tuesday, October 13, 2015: 16:00-18:00
103-B (Phoenix Convention Center)
John O Borland and Simon Deleonibus
(Invited) Effect of Individual Dopants in Nano-SOI-MOSFETs and Nano-pn-Diodes
M. Tabe (Research Institute of Electronics, Shizuoka University), D. Moraru (Shizuoka University), A. Samanta, K. Tyszka (Shizuoka University, Warsaw University of Technology), H. N. Tan (Shizuoka University), Y. Takasu (Shizuoka University), R. Jablonski (Warsaw University of Technology), L. T. Anh (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), H. Mizuta (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, University of Southampton), and T. Mizuno (Shizuoka University)
(Invited) Silicon Field Emitter Array Photocathode
H. Shimawaki (Hachinohe Institute of Technology), M. Nagao (National Inst. of Advanced Industrial Sci. and Technol.), Y. Neo (Shizuoka University), H. Mimura (Shizuoka University), F. Wakaya (Osaka University), and M. Takai (Osaka University)
Hydrogen Plasma Utilization in Advanced Logic Technology
Q. Han (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.), X. Meng (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.), and H. Zhang Sr. (SMIC)
Process Optimization on Self-Aligned Double Patterned Fin Formation
H. Zhang, Y. Wang (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation), and F. Xiao (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation)
Strained p-Channel MOSFET Fabrication Challenge and Perspective for the 28-Nm Technology Node and Beyond
Z. Zheng, F. Xiao (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation), and H. Zhang (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation)