Pattern Collapse-related Issues and Their Solutions

Monday, 2 October 2017: 10:00-12:20
Chesapeake I (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Paul W. Mertens and Stijn F. L. Mertens
(Invited) Wetting, Adhesion and Stiction of 2D Materials
S. F. L. Mertens (KU Leuven, TU Wien)
Ultimate Limits of Pattern Stability Due to Thermal Vibrations
D. W. Bassett and A. Rotondaro (Tokyo Electron America)
Surface Treatment Method and Its Metrology for Preventing Pattern Collapse
C. Bai, J. Wang, and E. Shalyt (ECI Technology)
Solid Phase Clean: Improving Performance for Smaller Particle Removal without Pattern Damage and Film Loss
M. Aibara, K. Sekiguchi (Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd.), M. Kaneko (Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd.), D. W. Bassett (Tokyo Electron America), and I. Kanno (Tokyo Electron Ltd.)
Nano-Structures Stiction Suppression by Molecular Structure Optimized Surface Energy Reduction Agent
T. Koide, S. Kimura, H. Iimori, T. Sugita, K. Sato (Toshiba Memory), S. Kumon, Y. Terui, Y. Okumura (Central Glass Co., Ltd.), and Y. Ogawa (Toshiba Memory)
An Accurate Method for Determining Pattern Collapse Occurrence for Nano-Structures
H. Marumoto and H. Kawano (Tokyo Electron Kyushu Limited)