Wet Cleaning and Contamination Control

Monday, 2 October 2017: 14:00-16:00
Chesapeake I (Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center)
Richard E Novak and Koichiro Saga
Study of Mass Transport for Efficient Fluid Processing
P. W. Mertens, M. Haslinger, M. Soha, and J. John (imec)
Effect of VUV Lamp on Wafer Charging by Single-Wafer Wet Clean
K. I. Sano, R. Dylewicz (Lam Research Corp.), X. Man (Lam Research Corporation), D. Lou (Lam Research Corp.), J. Zhu (Lam Research Corporation), G. Harm (Lam Research Corp.), and M. N. Kawaguchi (Lam Research Corporation)
Post Cleaning for FEOL CMP with Silica and Ceria Slurries
W. T. Tseng, A. Jha, D. Stoll (GLOBALFOUNDRIES), C. Wu (GLOBALFOUNDRIES Inc), T. McCormack (GLOBALFOUNDRIES), and J. C. Yang (Globalfoundries US)
Deep Trenches Cleanliness Challenges for CMOS Image Sensors
P. Garnier, F. Dignat (STMicroelectronics), and C. De Buttet (CEA-LETI)
A Novel Cleaning Approach to Remove the Carbon Contaminant from Ru Surface of EUV Mask
M. S. Kim (Hanyang University), H. J. Song (Hanyang university), H. T. Kim, and J. G. Park (Hanyang University)